Loose BMW Ground

Sept. 18, 2017

This bulletin applies to 2013 BMW 320i vehicles produced in Germany up to March 20, 2012, (identified with an “F” in the chassis number; or produced in South Africa up to Oct. 1, 2012), where the engine may not start due to a loose ground.

One or more of the following may occur sporadically:

  • The engine does not start
  • The engine stops running
  • The air conditioning compressor does not turn on
  • Reverse lights do not work
  • The transmission does not shift into gear
  • Various chassis and engine check control messages

The cause may be a loose ground point Z6000*4B on the engine block, near the starter.

Check and tighten the ground point Z6000*4B to 8 Nm. Clear all fault codes that might have been stored if the ground was found to be loose.