Mitsubishi DOR radiator

Aug. 21, 2012

All 2006-2011 Mitsubishi Galant four-cylinder vehicles with California emissions are equipped with a Direct Ozone Reduction (DOR) radiator with a tamper-proof monitor. DTC P1580 is set if the PCM does not receive the proper signal from the monitor to confirm that a DOR radiator is installed in the vehicle.

On rare occasions, an unknown random occurrence momentarily interrupts the communication between the PCM and the tamper-proof monitor. This condition may set a false DTC P1580 and illuminate the MIL. The MIL will not switch off and the DTC remains stored regardless of the number of drive cycles with DOR confirmation detected. If the DTC has been cleared, it has not reoccurred in customer vehicles. Lab investigations have not been able to duplicate this anomaly. No defects exist with this condition.

Check the vehicle’s warranty history on the Super Screen to confirm that this is the first occurrence of DTC P1580. If so, continue with the following procedure. If DTC P1580 has been reported before, replace the radiator/sensor assembly.

  1. Do NOT erase any DTCs in PCM memory until Step 4 of this procedure.
  2. Confirm that a DOR radiator is installed in the vehicle. Check for the following part numbers located on the radiator, or check for the “PremAir” label affixed to the top of the radiator tank.

1350A261      1359A283     1350A377

  1. Ensure that the connector and wiring harness between the tamper-proof monitor and the wiring harness are in good condition.
  2. Erase DTCs from the ECM.
  3. Drive the vehicle for 10 minutes.

If DTC P1580 resets, diagnose for DTC P1580 per Group 13A – Fuel  in the service manual. If DTC P1580 does not reset, the procedure is complete.

NOTE: Warranty coverage for PZEV Emissions may be as long as 15 years/150,000 miles. The vehicle must be a PZEV model. Check the Super Screen to see if the vehicle is a PZEV model. A red button will appear for PZEV models. Click the red button. If the vehicle is a PZEV, the vehicle must be currently registered in a PZEV coverage state where PZEV coverage is applied at the time of new vehicle sale.

When you click the red button, a list of model years and states appears. If a vehicles is not eligible for PZEV 15/150 coverage, then 5/60 basic warranty coverage applies.