Suzuki prop shaft service

Nov. 27, 2012

This TSB was released by Suzuki to inform technicians of a correction to “Propeller Shaft removal and Installation” described in the service manual for the 2006-2011 Grand Vitara.

The online service manual has been revised prior to the release of this bulletin. Affected service manuals include 99500-66J00-33E, 99500-66J10-33E, 99500-66J20-33E, 99500-66J30-33E, 99500-ggJ40-33E and 99500-66J50-33E.

Caution: For the 4WD model, when removing the rear propeller shaft, never pull the shaft (2) or cover part (3). Hold the ball joint part (1) securely, and then remove the rear propeller shaft. If the front side joint is disassembled, it is not reuseable.


1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist.

2. Apply a matchmark on the joint flange and propeller shaft.

3. Remove the rear propeller shaft.

4. Remove the transfer rear output flange from the rear output shaft using special tool 09922-66010; 09942-15511 (4WD model only).


Reverse the removal procedure, noting the following points:

* Clean and inspect the sliding portion of the propeller shaft end (where the oil seal contacts) before installation. If even a small dent or scratch exists, correct this and clean again. Apply Suzuki Super Grease A (99000-25011) inside the splines of the propeller shaft.

* Install the shaft, aligning the matchmarks. Otherwise, vibration may occur.

* Torque flange nuts and bolts (front propeller shaft flange bolt to 22.0 lbf-ft; rear propeller shaft flange nut to 37.0 ft.-lbs.).

* Fill the transfer oil (if rear propeller shaft (2WD) or rear output flange (4WD) is removed.

* REPLACE THE CIRCLIP ON THE TRANSFER REAR OUTPUT SHAFT WITH A NEW ONE if the transfer rear output flange is removed.