Vibe whistle and hoot

Dec. 2, 2012

Some owners of 2003-2008 Pontiac Vibes may complain about a whistle or hoot noise coming from the engine compartment with the vehicle at operating temperature under light throttle, usually between 35-40 mph.

Resonance through the automatic transaxle oil cooler lines and hoses at a specific frequency/speed may be the cause.

Remove the electric cooling fan assembly. Place a suitable drain pan under the automatic transaxle cooler lines. Remove the two transaxle oil cooler lines from the radiator.

Remove the two bolts retaining the metal cooler lines to the lower radiator support. One of these bolts will be resused.

Remove the oil cooler hoses from the transaxle lines.

Remove the lines and hoses from the vehicle.

Remove the four spring clamps from the original hoses.

Install the original four spring clamps to the new hoses, P/N 8897 4609 and 88974610.

The yellow paint mark is on the hose that installs to the radiator. The white paint mark is on the hose that installs to the transaxle.

Make sure that the new hoses are not twisted and/or bent when installed.

Install the new hoses and spring clamps.

Install the retaining clamp, P/N 88974608. Tighten the bolt to 44 lb-in.

Reinstall the electric cooling fan assembly.

Check the automatic transaxle fluid level. Road test and verify that the condition has been corrected.