Shivering Scion

Dec. 26, 2012

Some 2005-2009 tC and 2008-2009 xD and xB Scion vehicles may exhibit a condition with multiple warning lights illuminated, the transmission not shifting from Park to Drive, and/or other accessories becoming inoperative after the vehicle has cold-soaked in sub-freezing ambient air temperature (below 14 degrees Fahrenheit).

A newly designed IG1 relay has been made available to address this concern.

PREVIOUS IG1 RELAY                                    NEW IG1 RELAY

90987-02025 (gray)                                        90987-02031

90987-02030 (pink)                                        90987-02031

NOTE: The TIS Techstream with software version 4.12.001 or later is required.

  1. Locate the instrument panel junction block No. 1 in the instrument panel.
  2. Remove and verify the part number of the IG1 relay. If the part number is NOT 90987-02031, replace the relay with the new P/N IG1 relay 90987-02031. If the existing IG1 relay does feature the new part number 90987-02031, diagnose the specific conditions reported by the customer or based on MIL “ON” codes that are stored.
  3. Connect TIS Techstream and clear any stored DTCs.