Dim or flickering Toyota HVAC

March 11, 2013

Some 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner vehicles may exhibit a condition where the HVAC control panel illumination is dim, flickering or intermittently inoperative. A newly designed light bulb has been made available to resolve this concern

This TSB applies to vehicles produced before the production change effective VINs listed here:

2WD (1GR-FE)

-          JTEZU14R*9K024732

-          JTEZU17R*9K024733

2WD (2UZ-FE)

-          JTEZT17R*9K001651

-          JTEZT14R*9K001653

4WD (1GR-FE)

-          JTEBU17R*9K038302

-          JTEBU14R*9K038305

 4WD (2UZ-FE)

-          JTEBT17R*9K006867

-          JTEBT14R*9K006870

The new light bulb is available as P/N 90010-09017.

  1. Confirm the concern.
  2. Remove the air conditioning control assembly.
  3. Replace the 2 light bulbs for the HVAC control panel illumination circuit. Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, turn the light bulbs counterclockwise to remove and clockwise to install/tighten.
  4. Reinstall the air conditioning control assembly and confirm the repair.