Less than max Nissan A/C

March 24, 2013

This TSB from Nissan refers to the A/C system not cooling the cabin to factory specification in 2007-2012 Altima and 2009-2012 Maxima vehicles.

If you confirm that the A/C system is not cooling sufficiently, and that the A/C compressor clutch is engaged, and that the A/C system is fully charged, and that the HVAC system doors and controls are working correctly:

  1. Check the A/C system pressures. If system pressures are high side low and low side low, go to Step 2. If the A/C pressures are any other than the above, this bulletin does not apply. Refer to ASSIST and the service manual for further diagnostics.
  2. By feel, or with an infrared thermometer, check the temperature of the condenser/receiver dryer outlet tube. If the tube is warm or hot, this bulletin does not apply. If the tube is cool or cold, replace the condenser and receiver dryer assembly. A cool or cold receiver dryer outlet tube indicates a blockage in the receiver dryer or condenser. If desired, the filter can be removed form the receiver dryer to confirm the root cause of the issue was blockage (debris) in the receiver dryer.

Use the vehicle VIN and refer to the electronic parts catalog (FAST or equivalent) for the correct part number of the condenser/liquid tank assembly.