Toyota steering knock

April 30, 2013

Some 2009-2010 Corolla and Matrix vehicles may exhibit a clunk, pop or knocking noise when turning the steering wheel to the left or right. A new intermediate shaft has been developed to address this condition.

This TSB applies to vehicles produced before the production change effective VINs shown below:


Corolla        2AZ-FE            NUMMI              1NXBE4EE#AZ171406

Corolla        2AZ-FE            TMMC                2T1BE4EE#AC031001

Corolla        2ZR-FE            NUMMI              1NXBU4EE#AZ169743

Corolla        2ZR-FE           TMMC                2T1BU4EE#AC197503

Corolla        2ZR-FE            Takaoka            JTDBU40E#9J054516

Corolla        2ZR-FE            Kanto                JTDBL40E#99093141

Matrix         2AZ-FE XRS     TMMC                 2T1ME4EE#AC005811

Matrix         2AZ-FE S           TMMC                2T1KE4EE#AC030974

Matrix         2AZ-FE AWD    TMMC                 2T1LE4EE#AC012021

Matrix         2ZR-FE               TMMC               2T1KU4EE#AC197596


Model             Production         Prev. P/N                 Current P/N  

Corolla             NAP                  45260-02110                Same     

Matrix                NAP                  45260-02110                Same

Matrix AWD      NAP                  45260-02120                Same

Corolla             Japan               45260-12620               Same


  1. Install a steering wheel lock to ensure that the wheels are straight and the steering wheel is centered before removing the steering intermediate shaft. Make sure that the steering wheel and front wheels remain stationary. Once the intermediate shaft is removed, do NOT allow the steering wheel to spin freely.
  2. Remove the column hole silencer sheet.
  3. Place a matchmark on the No. 2 steering intermediate shaft that will later be copied onto the new part and remove the bolt.
  4. Place a matchmark on the upper portion of the No. 2 steering intermediate shaft.
  5. Remove the bolt and the No. 2 steering intermediate shaft from the steering column assembly.
  6. Place the matchmarks on the new steering intermediate shaft sub-assembly.
    1. Place the new steering intermediate shaft next to the original steering intermediate shaft assembly and transfer the matchmarks from the original shaft assembly to the new shaft assembly.
  7. Install the new No. 2 intermediate shaft and line up the matchmarkls. Tighten the bolt to 26 ft.-lbf. (35 Nm).
  8. Install the No. 2 intermediate shaft onto the No. 1 intermediate shaft and line up the matchmarks. Tighten the bolt to 26 ft.-lbf.
  9. Reinstall the column hole silencer sheet.
  10. Road test the vehicle to verify the repair and confirm that the steering wheel is centered.