Audi jumps out of gear

Aug. 19, 2013

Owners of some 2011 Audi A4 and A5 vehicles may complain that the transmission jumps out of 6th gear. A revised/improved range gear recognition switch has been developed to correct this concern.

  1. Check shifter adjustment and verify condition of all shift rods. If the concern is no longer present, no further repairs are needed.
  2. If the concern remains, remove the transmission.
  3. Remove the range gear recognition switch F208. This is secured with four Torx drive screws.
  4. Replace the range gear recognition switch F208, using a new round seal. Be careful not to damage the seal at the lever end. The new recognition switch is available under part number 0B1 301 230 B. The round seal is available as P/N WHT 002 593.
  5. Reinstall the transmission and verify proper operation.