Audi owners and their toys

Sept. 16, 2013

Customers may report that a bar in the lower portion of the MMI display flickers when using an Apple iPod or iPhone connected via an Audi Music Interface (AMI) adapter cable.

The flickering only occurs when the Functions or Settings menu is selected and the vehicle is stationary. There are no relevant DTCs stored in the MMI main unit (Address word 5F).

The flickering is caused by differing AV (video) standard settings between the MMI and the iPod device. For vehicles produced prior to week 22/2011, the default AV standard setting in the MMI was PAL, while the iPod is set to NTSC.

From week 22/2011 vehicle production, AV standard is by default set to NTSC for North American vehicles.

The AV standard setting must be changed from PAL to NTSC.

  1. Connect an RCA jack video adapter cable to the AMI to enable the relevant option in the MMI menu,
  2. Press the MEDIA function key on the MMI control panel E380.
  3. Press the lower right MMI control button to enter the Media Settings menu.
  4. Select the AV standard setting menu item and change the setting from PAL to NTSC.
  5. Select NTSC.
  6. Remove the video adapter cable from the AMI connector. The AV standard setting will remain.