Land Rover hitch receiver

Oct. 28, 2013

Land Rover vehicles feature a unique method of attaching the hitch receiver to the rear crossmember. This applies to 2005-2009 LR3 and 2010 and later LR4 and 2006 and later Range Rover Sport vehicles.

The tow hitch receiver may not latch in the rear crossmember housing. This may be caused by tow hitch receiver manufacturing tolerances combined with excessive paint build-up on the rear crossmember. A new tow hitch receiver may be within tolerance specifications but may be difficult to install.

  1. Check the part number of the locking pin and tow hitch receiver. The affected part numbers are as follows:

-          Tow hitch receiver AH22-17N886-AB

-          Locking pin number (first 4 digits) 3136U up to 3257U

  1. Note the signal ring on the vehicle is red in color. Note that the tow hitch receiver shown here may vary from market to market, but the essential information is the same. Check to see if the tow hitch receiver latches onto the vehicle correctly. If the tow hitch receiver is not latched properly, the red signal ring remains visible and the key cannot be locked and removed.
  2. Remove the tow hitch receiver. Check the housing leeways and the pin surface for dirt, debris or imperfections.
  3. Insert the tow hitch receiver into the housing three times. If the tow hitch receiver does not latch, continue with Step 5.
  4. Using a suitable flat file and 150-240 grit sandpaper, fold the sandpaper around the file.
  5. With the sandpaper wrapped around the file, perform three gentle strokes per leeway.
  • Check to see if the tow hitch receiver latches correctly. If not, continue to sand until you obtain a correct fit.