Caddy Column Correction

Oct. 22, 2018

Owners of a 2011 Cadillac SRX may complain about a tilt/telescopic steering column lever that is binding, sticking or difficult to lock. This may be caused by the steering wheel lever adjustment nut tightening over time when the lever is cycled.

Use the following steps to install a thrust washer under the steering wheel lever adjustment nut. This will prevent unwanted tightening of the adjustment nut when the lever is cycled:

1. Remove the steering column trim covers.

2. If the steering column has a sound deadener, remove the star washer that retains the deadening material to the column. Reposition the sound deadener to allow access to the repair area. NOTE: The removal and re-install of the adjustment nut must be done with the tilt lever in the locked position. During the following steps, the tilt lever must be held in position toward the center of the column to maintain pressure on the needle mechanism until the adjustment nut is re-installed.

3. With the tilt lever in the locked position, remove the nut.

4. Install the thrust washer on the clamping bolt against the flat washer.

5. Re-install the nut until it bottoms out on the new thrust washer. The lock/unlock tilt lever effort should be very low, but should retain at the detent point.

6. Increase torque on the nut by small increments and check the steering wheel adjustment lever effort (lock/unlock). Continue to increase the torque until the load on the steering wheel adjustment lever has the correct effort.

7. Cycle the lever several times to ensure that there is no increase on the lever effort.

8. Re-position the sound deadening and re-install the star washer.

9. Re-install the column trim covers.