No 4-wheel-drive 4Runner

March 10, 2014

Customers may complain that a 2006 Toyota 4Runner won’t engage 4-wheel-drive. The problem may be the transfer case vacuum actuator. A new part number is available for replacement as P/N 41400-35032.

The actuator is located on the front of the transfer case.

  1. Remove the engine under cover assembly and sub-assembly.
  2. Remove the front differential drain plug and drain the differential oil.
  3. Remove the front propeller shaft assembly (driveshaft).
  4. Remove the bolt and separate the front differential breather tube bracket.
  5. Support the front differential with a jack.
  6. Remove the No. 1 front differential mount nut.
  7. Remove the two front mounting bolts and nuts.
  8. Disconnect the actuator hose and connector.
  9. Lower the jack and remove the differential vacuum actuator assembly (secured with four bolts).
  10. Installation is the reverse order of removal.