PT wipe-out

April 7, 2014

A 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser rear wiper may stop operating, accompanied by DTCs B231B and B2215. This TSB involves flash reprogramming the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) with updated software. This applies to vehicles built before June 2, 2006.

B231B……….Rear wiper motor control circuit low

B2215……….FCM internal

  1. Connect the StarSCAN to the vehicle.
  2. Turn the ignition switch ON.
  3. Using the scan tool, clear all TIPM DTCs.
  4. Turn the rear wiper on.
  5. Does the rear wiper operate? If yes, perform the repair procedure. If no, additional diagnosis is required and this TSB does not apply.

Before performing the repair procedure, the operating software in the StarSCAN must be programmed with software release level 6.06 or higher. The StarSCAN tool fully supports Internet connectivity. However, to take advantage of this feature, you must first configure the StarSCAN for your dealership’s network. The StarSCAN Quick Start Networking Guide is available at under the download center.

  1. Install a battery charger and verify that the charging rate provides approximately 13.5 volts. Set the battery charger to continuous charge (do not let the charger time-out during the flash process). Remove the charger from the battery when the flash process is complete.
  2. Connect the CH9410 StarSCAN Ethernet cable to the StarSCAN and the dealership’s network drop.
  3. Connect the CH9404 StarSCAN vehicle cable to the scan tool and the vehicle.
  4. Power ON the StarSCAN tool.
  5. Retrieve the old TIPM part number. Using the StarSCAN at the Home screen:
    1. Select ECU View.
    2. Touch the screen to highlight the appropriate ECU in the list of modules.
    3. Select More Options
    4. Select ECU Flash
    5. Record the part number at the top of the Flash ECU screen for later reference.
    6. Select Browse for New File and follow the on-screen instructions.
    7. Highlight the listed calibration
    8. Select Download to Scan Tool
    9. Select Close after the download is complete, then select Back.
    10. Highlight the listed calibration
    11. Select Update Controller and follow the on-screen instructions
    12. When the update is complete, select OK
    13. Verify the part number at the top of the Flash ECU screen has updated to the new part number.

NOTE: Due to the TIPM programming procedure, a DTC may be set in other modules. From the Home screen, select System View. The select All DTCs. Press Clear All Stored DTCs.