No keys for FJ Cruiser?

July 21, 2014

The transponder ECU on some 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser vehicles does not support key code erasure in the event that all master keys are lost. These transponder ECUs also do not support the “reseed” function. If all registered master keys are lost, then the transponder ECU must be replaced.

This TSB applies to vehicles produced BEFORE the production change effective VINs shown here:



The part number for the transponder ECU is 89780-35140.


  1. Replace the transponder key ECU.
  2. Connect TIS Techstream and register the replacement keys. Refer to TIS, 2010 model year FJ Cruiser Repair Manual..vehicle interior – theft deterrent/keyless entry – Engine Immobiliser: Engine Immobiliser System: registration.”
  3. Verify that the immobiliser keys can start the engine.