Jaguar Issues Crank Bolt Recall

July 6, 2020

Jaguar has issued a recall of certain 2019 F-Pace, F-Type and XJ vehicles. An issue has been identified on certain Jaguar vehicles where the center main crankshaft damper/pulley bolt may fracture.

A batch of bolts have been manufactured away from specification and therefore has the potential to develop cracks on the surface of the bolts, leading to hydrogen embrittlement. These cracks cause the bolt to fracture over time, leading to a loss of retention of the crankshaft pulley.

If bolt fracture occurs, the pulley will oscillate for a period, but ultimately the crankshaft nose will break, leading to engine failure.

New replacement crankshaft bolts are available ads P/N AJ811490.

Remove two opposing of the six perimeter bolts from the damper (to allow use of the specialty tool).  Use special tools 303-1437 and 303-1438 to service the center crank bolt. Use a suitable vehicle stand to support the specialty tool. NOTE: The center crankshaft bolt features LEFT-HAND THREAD.

Do not use pneumatic tools to remove the center bolt. Rotate the bolt clockwise to remove, and counter-clockwise to install. During installation, torque the new center bolt to 200 Nm, followed by an additional rotation of 270-degrees (torque plus angle). Apply Loctite 270 to the two outer bolts and torque to 65 Nm.