False Low Oil Pressure Code

July 29, 2019

This bulletin applies to 2018 BMW 330i GT XDrive vehicles equipped with a 2.0L engine. DTC 1C0102 (oil pressure control, plausibility, static: Pressure too low) may be stored in the DME (digital motor electronics) fault memory with no other engine oil pressure faults stored.

This fault will not cause a customer complaint or a check control message (CCM). The fault is typically identified during unrelated diagnostics.

Software error in the DME may cause the fault code to be erroneously stored. Only the following integration levels contain the software error: 17-11-5xx and 18-03-5xx.

The fault should be ignored until the release of ISTA 4.12.1x. After the release of ISTA 4.12.1x, the vehicle should be programmed.

Prior to the release of ISTA 4.12.1x, if no other oil pressure faults are present, the fault should be ignored. After the release of ISTA 4.12.1x, perform diagnosis with the latest version of ISTA Next. Program the vehicle with ISTA 4.12.1x or higher.

Always connect a BMW-approved battery charger/power supply (SI B04 23 10) prior to the start of programming.