Diesel WIF Sensor

Oct. 2, 2019

Some 2017-2018 Ford F-Super Duty trucks equipped with a 6.7L diesel engine, built on or before March 15, 2018, may experience an illuminated WIF (water in fuel) indicator with DTC P1140, P2266 and/or P2269 stored in the PCM. This may be due to water intrusion into connector C3080 at the WIF sensor.

1. Check the WIF sensor resistance. The WIF sensor is located at the rear of the vehicle between the fuel tank and the frame rail.

2. Is the resistance between pins 1 and 2 of the sensor between 795 kOhms and 815 kOhms? If yes, proceed to Step 4. If no, proceed to step 3.

3. Replace the WIF sensor.

4. Inspect for signs of moisture in the WIF sensor connector.

5. If moisture is evident, dry the connector using low pressure shop air. Do not exceed 25 psi.

6. If no moisture is evident, tape the rear of the connector, extending to the wiring convolute using Rotunda Coroplast electrical wire harness tape or equivalent.

7. Using the appropriate scan tool, perform the fuel system – low pressure side procedure.

8. Clear the DTCs.

WIF Sensor............. P/N HC3Z-9T321-B

Rotunda Coroplast Tape............. P/N NA1837X