Intelligent Key Glitch

Oct. 18, 2019

This bulletin applies to a number of Infiniti vehicles wherein the intelligent key is not detected and the engine will not start.

Applicable vehicles include 2013 JX35, 2014-2018 QX60 and QX60 Hybrid, 2011-2013 QX56, 2014-2018 QX80, 2017-2018 QX30, 2019 QX50, 2011-2013 M37/M56, 2012-2013 M35h Hybrid, 2014-2019 Q70, 2014-2019 Q70 Hybrid, 2014-2018 Q50 and Q50 Hybrid, 2014-2015 Q60 Coupe, 2017-2018 Q60 Coupe and 2014-2015 Q60 convertible.

Intelligent key systems on these vehicles use two different radio frequencies that are similar to other wireless devices: 315 MHz and 433 MHz. In the event another wireless device (for example, and aftermarket alarm system) is transmitting at the same time as an intelligent key, it can interfere with the intelligent key signals being received by the BCM.

The following symptoms may occur:

  • The intelligent key is not detected, causing the engine to not start (no response when the Stop/Start button is pressed), an “I-Key System Error” is displayed in the instrument cluster, “No I-Key Detected” is displayed.
  • Intermittent operation of the buttons on the remote key FOB.
  • Intermittent operation of the door request switches.

If the vehicle experiences these symptoms, check the following:

Intelligent key FOB battery check. Use Signal Tech II Key battery test to confirm battery state of charge.

Check the location of the intelligent key. The key should not be stored where the RF signal can be obstructed by nearby metal objects.

Check for interference from other personal devices. Confirm that the intelligent key is not placed in close proximity to phones, other intelligent keys, highway PASS card, USB charger, personal computer charger, etc. that may be transmitting similar RF signals. The technician should remove all devices from the vehicle while diagnosing/duplicating the customer issue.