Cruddy Contacts

Nov. 4, 2019

This bulletin applies to Mercedes-Benz series 204/212/207/218 as of production year 2013. ESP, BAS, PRE-SAFE Hold function, Hill-Start Assist and ESP trailer stabilization may be unavailable due to a malfunction.

Also the adaptive brake light, Adaptive Brake Assist and/or ATTENTION ASSIST may have failed or deactivated. The brake system continues to operate with normal effectiveness. The support functions listed may have failed but may be available again after an ignition off/on cycle.

Fault codes concerning the plausibility of the accelerator pedal sensors (B37) are logged in the engine control unit. Consequential faults may have been logged in the ESP. The fault entry could have been caused by occasional transition resistance at contacts.

If all test steps stored in Xentry Diagnostics have been performed and no component faults were found, replace the female contacts at the connector/feed line of the accelerator pedal sensor. Disconnect the engine control unit plug connector F (vehicle side) and M (engine side) once and reconnect.

Mercedes notes that contact spray must never be used on contacts on the engine wiring harness, as this may cause damage.