Hyundai Rear ABS Sensor

Dec. 30, 2019

This bulletin provides information on the rear wheel speed sensor for 2018-2019 Hyundai Santa Fe and Veracruz vehicles equipped with front wheel drive. The rear wheel speed sensor is available as a separate service part from the rear wheel hub assembly. When appropriate, it is recommended to replace only the rear wheel speed sensor instead of the full assembly.

Santa Fe rear wheel speed sensor part number depends on vehicle production date. Refer to the parts catalog to determine the part number (52751-2B100 or 52751-B8100).

Note that special service tools are required (available through Bosch 1-866-539-4248). This includes a handle with a threaded tip, P/N 09231-H1100 and the ABS wheel sensor cap installer P/N 09527-2W100.

Remove the hub assembly from the vehicle. Mark the wheel speed sensor connector position relative to the hub assembly. Use this mark to align the parts when installing the new sensor.

Use a thin, tapered pry tool to gently separate the wheel speed sensor from the hub assembly. Gradually work the sensor loose around the circumference of the hub assembly. Remove the sensor.

Position the new sensor according to the alignment mark made earlier. Use a hammer and a flat wooden block to gently tap the sensor to install evenly. The sensor installation is complete when the gap between the hub and sensor is closed around the entire circumference. Reinstall the hub assembly to the vehicle.