Battery Tester Breaker Concern

Jan. 6, 2020

Toyota notes that the new DCA-8000 Diagnostic Charger may cause your shop’s ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker to trip.

A GFCI breaker can be tripped for various reasons. One may be related to the DCA-8000. Toyota notes that it is investigating the issue to determine the root cause. Other reasons the breaker may trip: circuit demand is too high for the GFCI rating, worn out GFCI internal contacts, or improper installation or wiring of the GFCI breaker.

If the DCA-8000 is causing the breakers to trip on separate circuits, protected by different GFCI breakers, then the DCA-8000 might be related to this issue.

Confirm that all other loads are disconnected from the GFCI breaker when testing your DCA-8000. If the GFCI breaker continues to trip, contact Toyota’s SST Service Team by calling (800) 933-8335 to report the issue. If the DCA-8000 is determined to be the cause of breaker trip, an interim countermeasure DCA-8000 will be exchanged.

The DCA-8000 tester is applicable to a range of 2017-2020 Toyota vehicles.