Caddy Half-Shaft Bolts

March 4, 2020

This bulletin applies to 2016-2017 Cadillac ATS-V and 2015-2017 CTS-V vehicles equipped with an LF3, LF4, LT1 or LT4 engine. If performing a service that requires the half-shaft bolts to be removed or replaced, only newly offered longer bolts and lock washers are required.

Three retainer assemblies are required per half-shaft. Each retainer requires 2 bolts and 2 lock washers. Where applicable, each axle assembly uses 3 retainer assemblies per side. Each repair kit contains 6 bolts and 6 washers (1 kit for each half-shaft).

Replacement of axle bolts are required during repair. The original shorter bolts feature a shank length of 50.0 mm. The new longer bolts, depending on application, have a shank length of 57.5-58.3 mm.

If the half-shaft has been separated from the differential:

  • Remove and discard only the half-shaft bolts.
  • If required, clean and reuse the retainers.
  • Replace the shorter bolts with new longer bolts
  • Install the new lock washers to the bolts
  • Install the bolt and washer into the retainer.
  • Torque to the specification found in the service manual

The P/N for 16 lock washers is WPC #816.