Ram Tire Pressure Feature

March 10, 2020

This bulletin applies to 2019 Ram 2500, 3500 and 4500/5500 trucks, involving a vehicle reconfiguration for proper operation of the Tire Fill Alert feature.

1. Check if the Tire Fill Alert feature is working. Set the ignition to “RUN” with engine off.

2. Inflate any tire on the vehicle 2 to 3 psi over tire pressure specification.

3. Now deflate the test tire. If the feature is working, the horn will chirp one time once the tire pressure reaches the specification pressure.

4. If the horn did not chirp, using wiTECH, reconfigure the vehicle. This routine is available under the “Guided Diagnostic” tab found on the home “Vehicle View” page of wiTECH.

5. Using wiTECH, clear any DTCs which may have set during reconfiguration.

6. Disconnect the scan tool, turn off the ignition, and open and close the driver door. Allow all modules to go to sleep for about one minute.

7. Set the ignition to “RUN” with the engine off.

8. Go into the radio’s “Safety & Driving Assistance” menu and enable the “Tire Fill Alert” feature.

9. Make sure that all tires are set to the specified inflation pressure.