Tundra Lift Caution

March 16, 2020

This bulletin applies to 2016-2019 Toyota Tundra and Tacoma trucks. To help prevent water from entering the truck frame, hole plugs are installed in certain locations during manufacturing. One of the hole plug styles allow water to drain from the bottom of the frame, yet block water from entering.

The one-way plug is located near a usable frame lift point. If the technician does not take note of the location of this one-way drain plug, the plug is easily crushed by the lift arm.

Before lifting, identify the location of the one-way drain plug. The plugs are located on the bottom of both frame side rails, in front of the transmission crossmember.

To avoid crushing the plugs, place the lift arm forward of the plug. If the plug is missing or has been damaged, replacement plugs are available as P/N 90950-01A24.