Porsche Reboot

April 14, 2020

This bulletin applies to 2010-2016 Porsche vehicles. The PCM 3.1 in Porsche vehicles is a very sophisticated device, similar in operation to a laptop or desktop computer. It is possible during normal operation for an internal PCM process to become “stuck” due to corrupt or unknown externally produced data.

The PCM 3.1 handles this situation by rebooting to clear the issue. This is an appropriate way of handling errors such as this (similar to rebooting your laptop or desktop computer if it “locks up”).

There are any number of reasons why a PCM 3.1 may experience this. If a PCM 3.1 reboots once or very infrequently (once per month), it could be considered characteristic operation and should be explained to the customer as such.

However, if the rebooting becomes more regular, more frequent or happens under a specific set of circumstances, it is necessary to isolate what is causing the PCM 3.1 to experience this condition and ultimately reboot.