WAI Releases Smart Wiper Motors

April 10, 2023

WAI has released a new line of smart windshield wiper motors, the LIN2 Smart Wiper Motors. This new line of windshield wiper motors are smart motors that process operation requests sent over a bidirectional LIN 2 (Local Interconnect Network) Bus interface with the SCCM (Steering Column Control Module) and Rain Sensor.

According to WAI officials, the LIN2 motors are designed to deal with common faults and failures of wiper motors. Through replacement, WAI's LIN2 Smart Wiper Motors have shown to reduce replacement comebacks. The LIN2 protocol offers the latest in intelligent control and ensures accuracy and compatibility for all vehicles that use it.

With built-in diagnostics, the smart wiper motor will automatically align to the vehicle settings for wiper speed and matches the number of speed increments. The wiper motor electronics smart technologies feature Transpo intelligent design – and electronics design company.

“WAI engineering works hard to develop solutions for smart wiper technologies that support all connection protocols including LIN2,” says Bizhan Roozrokh, head of engineering at WAI.

“Our goal is to enable installers to be able to complete a wiper motor replacement quickly with no technical programming steps. The product should be plug and play to get customers on their way.”

The electronic ecosystem is a rock-solid foundation that reliably and accurately adapts and controls all wiper functionality regardless of environmental circumstances. WAI implements a design principle called the synergistic design platform.

WAI has extensive coverage, and all parts and components are tested against OEM specifications.