JohnDow Expands DEF Product Offerings

May 5, 2021

JohnDow Industries Inc., a leading shop equipment, vehicle exhaust and back shop supplies provider, is introducing a new, expanded Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) product line within its Service Equipment division.

DEF is a UREA-based fluid specifically engineered for diesel engines as the reducing agent in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, a vehicle technology platform for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions through exhaust after-treatment.

The new DEF product line includes an all-in-one system as well as individual, unbundled DEF options. Elements include a 120-volt UREA/DEF Transfer Pump, a 40-inch Adjustable Suction Tube, a Digital Meter, an Automatic Delivery Nozzle, a five-foot Suction Hose and a 20-foot Delivery Hose, an Anti-Corrosion Lever Pump, and a 55-gallon Drum Trolley (Drum not included).

This new professional DEF line will supersede previous DEF products offered by JohnDow. For more information on this DEF product line and more, visit