CarMD Pro Scan: A Simple Plug-in Tool Accesses Remote Scan and More

Aug. 29, 2019

Instead of using a shop’s in-house scan tool, CarMD Pro Scan allows you to use the company’s app in conjunction with the plug-in hardware device in order to scan the vehicle, obtaining all data from their remote location directly to your smart phone, laptop  or tablet.

The system quickly performs a full network scan including all of the modules featured in a specific vehicle. The CarMD mobile app syncs to transfer data that can be transferred to any location. Obtaining the application requires using a smart phone, laptop or tablet to go to the app store and obtain the CarMD Pro Scan app.

In basic terms, you plug in the CarMD PRO SCAN device into the vehicle’s DLC, and use your Bluetooth-enabled device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) to both view and manage data retrieval and diagnostics. A smart phone (or other device) allows Pro Scan to communicate with CarMD’s data base. this allows the user  to perform a full scan using CarMD’s off-site system. But wait...there’s more... the system also provides information regarding pending problems, applicable TSBs, upcoming maintenance needs, in addition to current and pending trouble codes, and verified fixes.

Currently, the system is applicable to model years 1996 through 2017. As compatibility with 2018 and newer models becomes available, Pro Scan can be easily updated.

Once an account has been set up, log in to the site using your registered e-mail address and  password, and gain full access to menus that provide freeze frame data, relevant TSBs, and more.

The CarMD Pro Scan transfers data to the CarMD repair shop portal, delivering real-time data including:

  • Freeze frame data
  • Inspection/maintenance monitor status
  • Maintenance service intervals
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Network scan of OBD 2 codes
  • Pending DTCs
  • Possible causes
  • Upcoming maintenance
  • Predicted diagnostics

Remember we said “there’s more”? By going to the company’s website at, one can create customized coupons for the customer (for example, based on the work being performed, you might want to offer a 20% discount on an oil change in addition to the current repair job, etc.). 

The “predicted diagnostics” data provides helpful tips based on the firm’s extensive data base. For instance, regarding a vehicle year/make/model, experience has shown that when replacing part X, you’ll also need to replace part Y. Or based on that vehicle’s mileage, the percentage of those vehicles have needed a converter replacement, etc. In other words, in addition to OEM service interval and parts replacement schedules, the user also gains access to real-world service and replacement tips from the firm’s in-field service technicians who are gaining experience with specific vehicles.

Also included are unique marketing prospects with the use of predicted diagnosis and customizable coupons, allowing you to connect directly to your customers regarding upcoming promotions, updates on current repair jobs, etc. 

In order for you to connect with the plug-in device, a smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. must be set to Bluetooth.

1.Turn ignition on (do not start engine).

2. Plug the CarMD tool into the DLC.

3. Listen for audible beeps or the LED light in the upper right corner of the tool to turn on.

4. Open the mobile app (CarMD PRO SCAN).

5. Follow the instructions on the app.

We briefly tried out Pro Scan on a 2012 Chevy Malibu, using the Pro Scan DLC plug-in and an Apple iPhone. With the phone’s Bluetooth turned on, we were connected to the plug-in and the system automatically scanned for the vehicle VIN. It then began to perform a full-network module scan, immediately revealing a few DTCs, followed by describing each code. It also showed the status of each individual module, revealing codes or no codes for each.

In order to capture on-screen info, we simply pressed the phone’s ON button and the camera button at the same time, immediately capturing the full screen shot on our phone’s photo gallery. This allows you to store any screen shot desired, for your future reference or to show the customer.  As we continued to play, we were able to view pending codes, freeze frame data, recommendations for maintenance and more.  The more you play with this system, the more information you’re able to obtain. 

FYI: The plug-in unit features a USB port at the base. As Pro Scan offers updates, you can obtain the updates on line with CarMD and load the updates into the device.

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