Bosch Has 4 New OTC Heavy-Duty Fuel Injection Tools

Nov. 27, 2019

The new OTC heavy-duty fuel injection tools meet the requirements of Detroit Diesel Series 60, Two-Cycle, DD13, DD15 engines and more.

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions says the expansion of OTC’s heavy-duty Article lineup allows technicians to better perform preventative maintenance, inspections and service on Detroit Diesel Series 60, two-cycle Series 53, 71, DDEC IV engines and more.

The new specialty tool offerings from OTC are now available throughout North America and include:

Injector Remover (#5876) – The OTC Injector Remover is a specially designed puller that allows technicians to correctly remove seated injectors from the cylinder heads of Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines. The 5876 is equipped with a thrust bearing under the puller nut to reduce friction during operation for smooth and easy injector removal.

Injector Height Gauge Set (#5870) – The OTC Injector Height Gauge Set assists technicians with properly setting the injector body height to the injector follower for proper fuel injector timing. The 5870 is complete with seven height gauges ranging from 1.460 inches to 3.232 inches for use on Detroit Diesel Series 60, two-cycle Series 53, Series 71, Series 92 and DDEC IV engines.

Fuel Injector Torque Adapter (#5886) – The OTC Fuel Injector Torque Adapter is used to remove and install injector feed tubes on Detroit Diesel DD13 and DD15 engines. The unique design of the 5886 provides proper clearance on injector tube hex nuts and is used to accurately torque tubes upon re-installation.

Injector Cup Removal/Installation Tool (#5877) – The OTC Injector Cup Removal/Installation Tool is a two-tool set that provides technicians with seamless removal and installation of screw-in stainless steel injector cups. The 5877 is designed for use on Detroit Diesel Series 60, MBE 900 and MBE 4000 engines.

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