BendPak Expands Cool Boss Line

Aug. 15, 2023

BendPak Inc. released its new CB-28 and CB-36 portable evaporative air coolers under its Cool Boss division.

These coolers are the biggest in the Cool Boss lineup and can drop temperatures to 26 degrees Fahrenheit using up to 70% less energy than conventional air conditioning.

These models include built-in air ionizers to clean the chilled air, Bluetooth players and LED floodlights.

“Add a Coolblast CB-28 or CB-36 evaporative cooler and put the days of dark, dirty, hot shops behind you,” says Lee Franklin, product manager, Cool Boss.

“These big coolers keep techs more comfortable and productive year-round.”

The CB-28 is engineered to send air out at 9020 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to cover 2,125 square feet. The higher-capacity CB-36 pumps air out at 12,615 CFM to cover 3,125 square feet. The CB-28 can hold 80-gallons of water compared to the CB-36 which can hold 15 gallons.

The CB-28 measures 52 x 37 x 76.5 inches while the CB-36 is 66 x 44 x 85 inches. Other key features include automatic water source shutoff; water inlet flow control, remote control with convenient holder; soft-touch LED controls; antibacterial housing; and built-in timer.