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August 2022

Volume: 12
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Are You Ready for 800 Volts?

Education Is Key When Servicing EVs

This article will compare the low voltage system to the high voltage system and explain how a 12-volt brain can get confused. It is essential that you master the principles of electronic controls, reprogramming, oscilloscope usage, reading wiring diagrams and all aspects of electronic systems used in today’s modern vehicles in order to transition into high voltage systems.

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Mastering the Multimeter

Use All Functions to Your Advantage

All technicians are aware that the scan tool holds the No. 1 priority in our initial diagnostic strategies. In my personal experience, the No. 2 tool in diagnostics is the DVOM, known as the digital volt-ohm meter or multimeter. In the event of an electrical problem, the DVOM is the essential tool.

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Engine Oil Technology

There’s More to Consider Than Merely Viscosity Numbers

While the installation of the correct engine oil may not be an important item to a customer when they arrive at our shop for service, the type of oil that is installed in the engine is beyond important. As technicians it is our job to ensure that the correct engine oil is installed that will meet or exceed what the manufacturer expects.

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An Overview of Continental Autodiagnos Pro

Here we’ll take a cursory peek at Continental’s Autodiagnos Pro diagnostic scan tool. The tool is designed to provide fast diagnostics, real-time data updates, fault codes and code descriptions, PIDs with the ability to graph data and functions in multiple ways to support diagnosis, and live streaming data, with the ability to play back data at any time during diagnosis.

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Brake Caliper Service

Proper Inspection, Repair, Replacement & Hardware

Check the bleeder valve. If you suspect a bad caliper, it may be an issue with sticky/seized piston(s), but don’t jump to that conclusion right off the bat.

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