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Reader Profiles


Great Bear Auto: Advocating for Women Drivers is a Priority

Great Bear Auto owner Audra Fordin.

Audra Fordin’s shop was not selected for this reader profile article because she’s a female in a predominantly male occupation. Far from it. Rather, she represents a new breed of repair shop owners and technicians who go out of their way to educate customers, specifically female customers.


Smitty’s Car Service: Up-to-Date Service With a Small-Town Flavor

Owner Jeff Smith is an astute business owner, but his primary goal is to make sure that his...

If you’re looking for an ideal example of a quality-minded shop located in a small town setting, look no further. Smitty’s Car Service has been taking care of locals since 1939 in a town that rivals the idyllic Mayberry for its charm and all-American flavor. Located about 13 miles southwest of Akron, Ohio, Smitty’s lies on the immediate outskirts of 200-plus-year-old Doylestown.


The Main Street Garage: Building a Dream

Toby Cossette

Toby Cossette, co-owner of The Main Street Garage in St. Augustine, Fla., obtained an associate of arts degree from North Dakota State College of Science. However, he followed his passion and served as a master technician for import and exotic import diagnostics and repairs at Sports Car Engineering.


Neubauer’s Auto Repair: A True Maryland Marvel

Shop owner Jim Neubauer.

Neubauer’s Auto Repair is located in Ellicott City, Md., in northeast Howard County, approximately 10 miles north of the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Following is a brief history of the business, in owner Jim Neubauer’s own words.


CS Automotive: The Coolest Shop in Tennessee

CS Automotive (short for Cool Springs Automotive) is in Brentwood, Tenn., is a suburb of Nashville.

Brentwood, Tenn., is a suburb of Nashville, located due south of Music City, and is known for its rolling hills as well as being one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. relative to the average cost of living. Population is roughly 41,000.


Updated Automotive Repair: A Northeast Ohio Gem

Updated Automotive Repair’s topnotch crew (from left to right): Brett Raber, owner Bill...

Updated Automotive Repair is in Northeast Ohio, a scant 20 miles southeast of Cleveland. The shop caters to both customers who own daily-driven commuter vehicles as well as enthusiasts who own occasional-use street rods, and has gained a reputation for quality work on a wide variety of vehicles.


Best Auto Service & Tire Center Earns Hardcore Customer Loyalty

Tom and Lisa Sforia, owners of Best Auto Service & Tire Center in Pennsylvania.

Nestled in the iconic Pocono mountain range of eastern Pennsylvania, Best Auto Service & Tire Center stands out as a bastion of outstanding service and unwavering customer loyalty. Owners Lisa and Tom Sforia opened the shop doors in 2007 and have earned the trust of vehicle owners throughout the region.