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Tool Review: Bosch KTS 340 mobile vehicle diagnostic tool August 17, 2011

The Bosch KTS 340 is truly a “multifunctional” diagnostic and technical information system. Actually, it does much more than simply...

Tool Review: Compact gun -- A pneumatic air wrench for cramped spaces April 10, 2014

What appealed to me about the M7 (Mighty-Seven) 1/2-inch-drive air wrench from King Tony of America is its ultra-stubby size. It’s the cutest,...

Tool review: Snap-on CT8810A cordless impact wrench April 7, 2015

Yes, we’re reviewing yet another cordless impact wrench. While I prefer to “mix it up” in terms of tool species, there has been a notable...

Tool Review: Innova CarScan 31703 August 15, 2012

Innova’s CarScan model 31703 is compatible with OBD2 and OBD1 systems (also known as OBD-II and OBD-I), and also allows diagnostic operations for SRS...

Tool review: Ozone generator -- say goodbye to vehicle interior odors June 25, 2013

Instead of trying to mask objectionable odors from a vehicle interior, an attempt to actually eliminate the odor is obviously preferable.

Tool Review: DeWalt 12V cordless inspection camera October 19, 2011

View, take photos or take video of hard-to-access locations

Tool Review: MAHLE TechPRO December 8, 2015

There are scan tools, and then there are scan tools, and then there is MAHLE’s TechPRO. When the company’s ads tout the “game...

Tool review: Midtronics' DSS-7000 battery analyzer -- A very sophisticated diagnostic tool August 12, 2015

If you're thinking that the world doesn't need another battery tester, you haven't seen Midtronics' DSS-7000. Comparing this tool to a good/bad tester or a...

Tool Review: Mac Tools cordless 3/8-inch wrench February 21, 2014

The range of high-quality cordless electric power tools is quickly expanding. Torque and battery life is increasing, and the toughness and durability...

Tool Review: the Phoenix Systems Injector April 20, 2012

As we all know, there are a number of ways to bleed air from a hydraulic system, none of which are any fun. However, the one-man Phoenix Injector makes the...

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