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Suspension Inspection: Tips on Checking a Variety of Suspension Components April 12, 2017

Let’s take a look at various suspension parts inspections, including ball joints, wheel bearings, wheel hub units, control arm bushings and more.

Luxury Car and High Performance Brakes February 13, 2017

Premium-priced high-performance luxury cars tend to push the envelope in terms of braking system performance. While a disc/drum or disc/disc system found on...

Time- and money-saving tips from technicians December 17, 2014

When servicing or rebuilding a GM LS engine (which includes the LQ series), cast iron or aluminum blocks, be aware that there are two versions of cylinder...

Brake pad and rotor technology February 11, 2014

Today’s brake pad formulations continue to evolve, but the basics include organic, non-asbestos organic (NAO), semi-metallic and ceramic.

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