Nissan Reports Thunk Is Normal

This bulletin applies to a number of Nissan vehicles equipped with a V6 engine, including 2013-2018 Altima, 2012-2014 Maxima, 2016-2019 Maxima, 2013-2017 Quest, 2013-2019 Murano and 2013-2019 Pathfinder. 

A single thunk-type noise may be heard during the first few accelerations of the day due to a two-piece front engine mount design. The noise is considered “normal.” 

The mount also is designed with built-in free play that is normal. If the mount has 5 mm vertical free play or a “single event” thunk sound during the first few accelerations of the day and does not occur at any other time, this is normal. Do not replace the engine mount. 

If a shift shock condition is present when shifting from Park into gear or between any combination of gears, this condition is likely due to transmission line pressure and not engine mount movement.

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