Dana Offers Victor Reinz Wave-Stopper Gaskets

Dec. 9, 2020

Dana Inc. has added Victor Reinz Wave-Stopper multi-layer steel (MLS) gaskets to its aftermarket portfolio, featuring Dana-patented technology designed to address the increased sealing requirements of head gaskets in today’s light and commercial diesel engines and forced-induction vehicles.

“At Dana, we are always working to bring new technologies to the market that solve real-life, on-the-job issues,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana. “Our latest gasket advancement, Victor Reinz Wave-Stopper gaskets, have the features you would expect from a manufacturer with over 110 years of sealing experience. Wave-Stopper technology uses embossed concentric ‘waves’ to create a highly uniform seal that ensures even pressure distribution, prevents over-compression of the gasket’s bore bead, and offers the superior performance our customers can count on.”

The Victor Reinz Wave-Stopper design utilizes topography within the gasket structure to create a uniform seal despite severe service environments. The varied bead height between bolt spans results in more uniform sealing stress at the combustion opening, and this uniformity results in less bore distortion and improved piston ring seal.  

Victor Reinz Wave-Stopper gaskets are manufactured with the highest-quality materials, including full-hard stainless steel and premium FKM coatings, to help ensure enhanced fluid sealing and reliable, lasting performance. Unique technology helps distribute the load balance between combustion and fluid seals, while allowing for highly uniform loading of stress within diesel engines, resulting in reduced oil consumption, bore distortion, and overhead cam distortion. The Wave-Stopper layer acts as a secondary combustion seal, and because the materials utilized feature both plastic and elastic characteristics, they can be matched precisely to each gasket’s unique working environment. 

To learn more about Victor Reinz Wave-Stopper gaskets, visit the Dana Aftermarket YouTube channel or visit www.victorreinz.us/products/wave-stopper and www.DanaAftermarket.com.