This bulletin applies to 2013-2016 Honda Accord, 2010-2015 Crosstour, 2011-2016 Odyssey and 2009-2015 Pilot vehicles. While driving under steady cruise between 30 and 65 mph, or during light acceleration, does the engine intermittently rattle or run rough with the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) blinking? Since these driving conditions are likely to activate Vehicle Control Module (VCM) operation, the probable reason for these symptoms is sticking VCM rocker arms. 

If the engine rattles, you’re hearing the VCM rocker arm pin tapping against the other rocker arm as it tries to lock the two arms together going into valve pause. If the engine runs rough with the MIL blinking, the VCM rocker arm pin can also stick in its locked position, causing both rocker arms to stay connected. 

If the engine is shut off and then restarted when either of these symptoms occurs, the rocker arms may unstick, allowing normal operation with no misfire Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) being set, which can make this problem tough to troubleshoot. Be sure to check the Variable Cylinder Management Rocker Arm Test in the service manual. Replacing the affected rocker arms usually fixes the problem.

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