AAPEX to Require COVID Vaccine or Negative Test

Aug. 26, 2021

Aug. 26, 2021—The organizers of AAPEX announced that attendees will be required to show proof that they received a COVID-19 vaccination prior to entry. Attendees can also present a negative COVID PCR test, a press release says.

An AAPEX representative said as recently as Aug. 18 that the event didn't plan to require proof of vaccination, but organizers have shifted course amid a growing number of cases due to the Delta variant of the virus.

Event co-owners are also considering on-site testing, per the press release.

"AAPEX co-owners also are evaluating the potential for onsite testing for those unable to be vaccinated or to obtain a negative PCR test prior to the show. These measures will be administered through a third-party verification platform and on-site screening," the release said.

Organizers of the SEMA Show have not committed to similar plans. In the same press release as the AAPEX announcement, representatives said that they are working with local authorities. While separate events, AAPEX and the SEMA Show are closely linked and take place on the same dates.

"SEMA Show organizers are taking into account that the COVID-19 landscape is changing week to week," the release said. "The SEMA Show is working with state and local health authorities to announce more in the coming weeks concerning safety measures that will be required in November."

Las Vegas is currently has a masking requirement for all indoor event gatherings.