This bulletin applies to 2014-2015 Ram 1500 trucks. The MIL may be on accompanied by DTC P1D73 (active grill shutter/AGS performance).

Remove the six push pin fasteners from the upper radiator seal.

Remove the upper radiator seal.

Locate the AGS actuator motor case housing.

Inspect the AGS actuator motor case housing for unlocked retainer and separation of the actuator motor case housing halves.

If you find an unlocked retainer and/or housing separation, grasp both halves of the housing and apply outward pressure while inspecting for any separation movement between the housing halves.

Engage the actuator motor housing retainer by using adjustable pliers to close the housing halves.

Inspect the engagement of the AGS housing retainer and that no separation is visible between the housing halves.

Clear the DTC and check the AGS for proper operation. Repeat if the housing retainer fails to lock.

If repeated attempts to lock are unsuccessful, replace the AGS assembly.

Locate the AFS actuator motor case housing.

Inspect the housing for separation. 1) Radiator unlocked; 2) Housing separation.

Attempt to separate the actuator motor case housing halves.

Engage the case housing with adjustable pliers (1). Squeezing housing halves together (2).

Inspect the housing for engagement. 1) retainer locked; 2) Housing halves closed.

Confirm that the motor case housing is engaged and locked.

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