Auto Care Association Comments on COVID-19 Relief Plan

Dec. 7, 2020

The Auto Care Association “hopes that Congress and the Treasury Department can work together to develop solutions to ensure that those who have participated in the Paycheck Protection Program get the maximum entitled relief. 

“The Auto Care Association supports any provisions that help provide relief-funding to small businesses,” says Gabrielle Hopkins, the association’s vice president of federal affairs, in response to the recent announcement of a national $908 COVID-19 relief proposal that earmarks $288 billion of Paycheck Protection loans and other supports for small businesses.

The package "would increase unemployment benefits to help families make ends meet, give essential assistance to small businesses on the verge of closing, provide funds to the state and local governments who've led the response to this crisis and much more - including support for schools, hospitals and vaccine distribution," says Sen. Angus King of Maine.

"I am particularly pleased that this package includes funding for another round of Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loans, which has helped keep our small businesses afloat," says Sen. Susan Collins, also of Maine.

“Right now, Congress’ priority is passing a spending bill before Dec. 11," says Hopkins. "This proposal is an attempt to bridge the gap between McConnell and Pelosi on a COVID-19 stimulus bill, but its likelihood of becoming law is not clear at this time.

"We also support any provisions that provide appropriate liability protection for auto care member businesses that were considered essential during the pandemic," she adds.