Aftermarket Alliance Teams Up With Federated Auto Parts

Dec. 8, 2022

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Inc., and Federated Auto Parts Inc., have announced a collaboration to combine certain activities and resources to reduce costs and improve service and efficiency for customers.  

The collaboration provides a framework for sharing benefits and costs in several administrative and support areas and includes shared ownership in The Automotive Parts Services Group (APSG), a joint venture with The ProntoNetwork.  

“We are happy to partner with Federated and APSG in a number of important areas that will provide enhanced value and opportunities for all our shareholders while maintaining our unique marketing identities and focus on local markets and the needs of professional service providers,” says John R. Washbish, CEO, Alliance President. 

“The Alliance continues to be dedicated to shareholder member success and this collaboration will support those initiatives by reducing costs and strengthening our ability to focus on customers and their needs.”  

“Federated is excited about the opportunity to work closer with The Alliance and share resources and ideas in areas such as data management, communications, and other important support initiatives while also working together through our APSG joint venture,” says Sue Godschalk, president, Federated Auto Parts.