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Acura Rocker Switch

This bulletin applies to 2007-2012 Acura RDX and 2002-2006 RSX models. The MIL may be on with one of the following DTCs:


Acura Hands-Free Issues

This bulletin applies to 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid, RDX and ILX vehicles. When using the HandsFreeLink (HFL), one or more of the following problems may occur:


Acura Buzz

This bulletin applies to 2014 and 2015 Acura MDX vehicles. After driving in reverse and steering, a buzz or grunt may be heard after shifting from reverse to drive and turning the steering wheel. 


Try Battery Cable Reset

This bulletin was released by Acura. Should software develop errors, which can happen from something like a low battery or interrupting a learn procedure, it can cause all sorts of odd electrical problems that can be hard to troubleshoot. Trying a battery cable reset just might do the trick.


Repair, Don’t Replace

This bulletin applies to 2001-1012 Acura MDX, 2007-2012 RDX, 2005-1012 RL, 2009-2012 TL and 2010-2012 ZDX models. If the threads for the rear differential drain or filler plugs are stripped, there’s no need to replace the pricey rear differential case...simply repair the threads.


Funky Idle

This bulletin applies to 2012 Acura RDX models. If the throttle body was recently cleaned or replaced, DTC P2279 (intake air system leak) or P0507 (idle control system rpm higher than expected) and a fluctuating idle exists, it’s likely that the throttle plate is now in a different position from the one that the PCM/ECM had previously learned. To fix the problem, the ECM/PCM must be relearned to the new throttle plate position.


Acura Nut Update

Just in case you’re working on a 2014 Acura MDX, pay attention to the wheel nut specs, as nut size and torque differ from those on the 2013 MDX.


Drivers Lose Their Cool

This bulletin applies to a host of Acura models including 1997-2003 CL, 2013 ILX, 2013 ILX Hybrid, 2001-2012 MDX, 2007-2013 RDX, 1996-2012 RL, 2002-2006 RSX, 1999-2006 RSX, 1999-2012 TL, 2003-2012 TSX and 2010-2012 ZDX.


Re-Schooling Acura Throttle Body

This bulletin applies to 2004-2013 Acura TL vehicles. If you’ve just cleaned the throttle body but now have an MIL on with DTC P2279 (intake air system leak), MIL on with P0507 (idle control system rpm higher than expected) and/or a fluctuating idle, it’s likely that the throttle plate is now in a different position from the one that the ECM/PCM had learned.


Overly Sensitive Acura

This bulletin applies to all 2000 and later Acura models with SRS. The OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) sensors in the front passenger seat back pad are very sensitive and can set SRS DTC 15-3 (faulty OPDS sensor) or 86-11 (faulty OPDS seat back sensor) if they are exposed to even small amounts of electronic interference.

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