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Lisle Designs Brake Flaring Tool for Tight Spaces

A new brake flaring tool kit from Lisle Corp. has a low-profile design to allow the two most popular tubing sizes to be flared in tight spaces.


Lisle Offers Brake Caliper Hanger Set

The new brake caliper hanger set (part no. 48020) from Lisle Corp. is designed to hang the disc brake caliper out of the way during service while keeping tension off the brake line.


Avoiding Brake Service Comebacks

A number of potential problems can easily result in operational issues and/or customer complaints following brake system service. Here we’ll discuss a few points that will help to avoid these concerns and help give your customers a “sweet” ride.


Avoiding Brake Job Comebacks

There is no worse feeling for a tech than to have performed a straightforward, uncomplicated brake job and see the vehicle return with a concern or a complaint. The customer can raise his concerns immediately after the repair or in the weeks or months following.


Tenneco Offers Monroe Brakes Technician’s Guide

A comprehensive new brake system diagnosis and repair guide for professional technicians is now available from Tenneco Inc.’s Monroe Brakes brand.


Brake System NVH Woes: Addressing and Avoiding Noise, Vibration and Harshness Issues

The usual complaint after performing a brake service is typically going to involve noises — squeaks, squeals, squawks or vibrations. You name it, brake noise under moderate to light applications is a common complaint, but what causes it? And why don’t they make noise under a hard application?


Complete Brake Service Tips: Service Guidelines to Aid in Your Diagnosis

Brake service requires more than simply replacing rotors and pads. Rather than repairing the obvious issue(s), we need to determine the cause of the concerns to avoid repeating the problem. Taking the time to inspect the system will avoid comebacks and result in a satisfied customer. This brief article provides service guidelines as well as a variety of tips to aid in your diagnosis.


Centric Parts releases brake systems catalog

Centric Parts has released the print edition of its Centric Parts 2014 Brake Systems Catalog (2000-2009) covering model year 2000-2009 import and domestic vehicles.


Diagnosing and correcting brake life and performance issues

When a vehicle’s brake pads and/or rotors wear faster than expected, a host of variables need to be considered, including materials, prior installation methods, driver abuse, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss potential issues and offer suggestions for checking and correcting customer concerns regarding brake life and performance.


Permatex Rotor Cleaning Wipe makes install quick and easy

Permatex says its new Permatex single-use Rotor Cleaning Wipe towelette makes it easier to clean and prepare new brake rotors for installation.

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