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False Code on Vette

This bulletin applies to 2015-2016 Chevy Corvette Z06 models equipped with the LT4 engine. Some owners may comment that the MIL is on with a DIC message displayed.


Bad Nuts

Some 2017 Cadillac Escalade vehicles (in addition to Chevy Suburban and Tahoe and GMC Yukon) may have been assembled with the wrong fasteners retaining the brake master cylinder to the brake vacuum booster.


Piston Damage

General Motors advises inspection for piston damage when the MIL is on and the engine misfires and displays a ticking/knocking noise. This may be caused by an aftermarket ECM calibration/component and detonation that leads to melted pistons.


Rich Vette

Owners of a 2016-2019 Chevy Corvette equipped with a 6.2L LT1, LT4 or LT5 engine may experience the SES light on and a rich running condition. Technicians may find DTC P0172 and P0175 stored. The cause may involve the high pressure fuel pump on these gasoline direct injection engines.


Hey, That’s Normal

GM notes that 2013-2017 vehicles equipped with GDI engines (gasoline direct injection) may exhibit stalling, hesitation and lack of performance in high ambient temperatures.


Weepy Brake Cap

Owners of 2010-2013 Chevy Camaros and/or technicians may notice brake fluid seeping from the master cylinder reservoir cap.


No Shift Display

This bulletin applies to 2009-2018 Chevy Impala models equipped with automatic transmissions. Some customers may comment that the MIL lamp is on. In “rare” cases, they may also note that there is no PRNDL display.


Corvette Trans Program

This bulletin applies to 2015-2016 Corvette models equipped with an 8L90 transmission. The customer may comment on firm garage shifts, Park to Drive or Park to Reverse, after the vehicle has been sitting for several hours with the engine off, and/or a clunk noise that occurs as the engine starts or immediately after the engine starts, along with an illuminated MIL. DTC P16F3 may be found as an active or history DTC.


Just Needs Grease

This bulletin applies to 2015-2017 Chevy City Express vans. Some customers may comment on a clicking noise originating from the front axle area during takeoff/acceleration. This may simply be due to a lack of grease on the hub bearing surface.


Smoke the Vette

On some 2014-2017 Chevy Corvette models, cracks on the top surface of the left fuel tank fuel pump module flange may cause a fuel odor or a loss of fuel on the ground. A check engine light may illuminate if the fuel tank is less than half full.

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