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Clore Adds Flashing Power Supply and Battery Charger to Solar Line

Clore Automotive Inc. has added the Pro-Logix PL6100, a 12-volt 100A flashing power supply and 60/40/10A battery charger, to its Solar product line.


Clore Automoitve Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Jump Starter Brands

Clore Automotive Inc. is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Booster PAC and Jump -N-Carry brands.


Clore Releases New Light-N-Carry COB LED Flood Light

Clore Automotive Inc. has added the 1500 Lumen COB (chips on board) LED (light emitting diode) flood light, model no. LNC2251, to its Light-N-Carry brand.


Clore’s New 12 Volt Jump Starter Has Many Convenience Features

Clore Automotive Inc. has added the ES580 12 volt jump starter and power supply to its Booster Pac brand product line.


Clore Unveils New Pro-Logix 12/24V Portable Battery Charger

Clore Automotive Inc. has added Pro-Logix PL2410, a 10/6/2 amp 12/24 volt portable battery charger, to its Solar product line. The new battery charger is fully automatic and has the ability to properly charge all lead acid battery types.


Clore offers 12V jump starter with air compressor

Clore Automotive Inc. has introduced a 900 peak amp, 12-volt jump starter with air compressor from CarStart.


Clore introduces versatile battery charger

Clore Automotive introduces Model No. 4502, a 6/12 Volt 2.5 Amp battery charger / maintainer, from CHARGE IT!. This new unit features fully automatic operation and provides easy battery maintenance to a wide variety of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and personal watercraft.


Clore Automotive unveils battery charger with fully automatic operation

Clore Automotive’s Solar brand has added a battery/charger maintainer designed for the different batteries found in almost any car, truck, SUV, ATV, motorcycle, boat or personal watercraft application.


Clore Automotive named Supplier of the Year by Mac Tools

Clore Automotive has been named Mac Tools’ 2013 Supplier of the Year. This recognition came at the recent 2014 Mac Tools’ Tool Fair in Orlando, Fla., where the award was presented by Brett Shaw, president of Mac Tools.

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