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Mann+Hummel Purolator Filters Adds to Product Line

Mann+Hummel Purolator Filters LLC has introduced 30 new part numbers for the Purolator, PurolatorOne and PurolatorTech product lines. These new part numbers include oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters covering late model applications through 2019.


Mann-Filter Expands Coverage With 116 New Part Numbers

Mann-Filter has introduced 116 part numbers for  aftermarket air, cabin air, oil and fuel filters, as well as air separators for European passenger vehicles in the United States and Canada.


Purolator Releases 2018 Automotive Filter Catalog

Purolator Filters LLC reports its 2018 Automotive Filter Catalog is now available. The new catalog is designed so that users can quickly and easily look up filter options by vehicle year, make and model. It features 20 years of coverage through to the newest 2018 applications.


Wix Filters Globally Releases 398 New Parts in First Three Quarters of 2017

Wix Filters has introduced 398 new parts to date in 2017. Product introductions include more than 200 new parts for Mexico and Central American markets.


Wix Filters’ New HD Line Is Designed for Higher Efficiency

Wix Filters’ new heavy-duty air filters with NanoPro technology are designed to provide higher initial efficiency and a final efficiency of up to 99.99%.


Mahle Expands Product Lines With 150 New Part Numbers

Mahle Aftermarket Inc. recently introduced 150 new part numbers – including 77 new Mahle Original gasket part numbers. The new offerings are for a variety of gaskets, pistons and piston rings, filters, valves, engine bearings, and turbochargers now available for both light vehicle and heavy-duty applications.  


Purolator Offers New Tools on Revamped Website

Mann+Hummel Purolator Filters LLC has launched an updated website. The redesigned site features bold branding and the company's renewed promise and tagline: “Nothing Gets By Us.”


Bosch adds engine air filters to Workshop line

Robert Bosch LLC has added engine air filters to its Workshop Filters portfolio. With this new addition, Bosch now offers a complete line of Workshop Filters – air, oil, fuel and cabin air filters.  


Ford diesel DTCs

This bulletin applies to 2008-2010 Ford F-Super Duty trucks, Some F-Super Duty trucks equipped with the 6.4L diesel engine may exhibit a MIL on with DTCs P2463 and P246C.


Penray introduces synthetic media heavy-duty coolant filters

The Penray Companies Inc. has introduced a new line of heavy-duty coolant filters featuring synthetic media with triple-layer engineering.

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