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Valve Seals Already?

Some 2011-2013 Ford E-Series vans equipped with a 5.4L 2V or 6.8L 2V engine and built on or before 11/12/2012 may exhibit excessive oil consumption, where 1 quart of oil is consumed at less than 3,000 miles.


Sensitive Hybrid

Some 2013 Ford Fusion/Energi and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid vehicles built on or before 11/01/2012 may exhibit an overly sensitive brake pedal feel often described as “grabby” brakes, or a perceived 2-3 second delayed transmission engagement in reverse due to the hill start assist activating briefly after starting the engine.


Mustang Crank Sensor

Some 2011-2014 Ford Mustangs equipped with a 5.0L engine and built on or before 5/1/2013 may exhibit a MIL on with any combination of DTCs P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, P0307, P0308 and/or P0316. There will be no other DTCs or drivability symptoms present.


Noisy Pony

Some 2011-2014 Ford Mustangs may exhibit a grunt/squeak/creak/chirp noise from the front lower control arm hydro bushing. These noises may occur over large vertical bumps such as speed bumps, pot holes, rough roads and driveway approaches.


Ford F-150 Stumble

Some 2013 Ford F-150 trucks built on or before 9/18/2012 and equipped with a 3.5L gasoline turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) Ecoboost engine may exhibit an intermittent stumble and/or misfire on hard acceleration after an extended drive at highway speeds during high humid or damp conditions.


Not a Cool Ford

Some 2011 and 2012 Ford Flex vehicles built on or after 9/1/2010 and equipped with dual engine cooling fans may exhibit a lack of air conditioner performance while the vehicle is stationary or moving at slow speeds and/or an overheat condition. DTCs P0217, P1299 and P1285 may be present.


Super Duty Fuel Pump Code

Some 2012-2016 Ford F-Super Duty trucks equipped with a 6.7L engine built on or before 4/6/2016 may exhibit an illuminated MIL with DTCs P0627, P025A, P025B and/or U0109 stored in the PCM.


Ford Lost and Confused

Some 2013 Ford Explorer vehicles equipped with SYNC and/or MyFord Touch built on or before 1/15/2013 may exhibit a voice prompt indicating SYNC Services Traffic, Directions or Information is unable to locate the vehicle or a Global Position System Module (GPSM) concern.


Erratic Cam Timing

Some 2005-2012 Ford Expedition vehicles equipped with a 5.4L 3V engine may exhibit an intermittent rattle noise/rough idle at operating temperature. The issue is caused by oscillating cam timing. DTCs P0022, P0021, P0340 and/or P0341 may be stored in the PCM.


Ford Truck CAT Sensor

Some 2010 Ford F-150 trucks equipped with a 4.6L or 5.4L engine, 2011-2012 F-150 equipped with a 5.0L engine, F-Super Duty equipped with a 5.4, 6.2 or 6.8L engine, and built on or before 4/1/2012 may exhibit DTC P2270 or P2272 (catalyst monitor sensor bank 1 or 2).

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