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Funky Ford Fuel Filter

Some 2012 Ford Fusion models may exhibit an illuminated MIL with DTC P0456 stored in the PCM.


Exploring Ford DTC

Some 2012 Ford Explorer vehicles equipped with a 2.0L gasoline turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) engine and built on or before 8/17/2011 may exhibit a MIL on, with DTC P1289 (CHT – cylinder head temperature) sensor circuit high and/or P1290 CHT sensor circuit low stored in PCM memory.


Ford Water Warning

Ford cautions about the use of tap water when final flushing the cooling system of a 6.0L or 6.4L diesel engine in 2003-2010 F-Super Duty trucks. The use of tap water in some geographic areas can lead to unacceptable scaling and/or corrosion within the cooling system (water jackets/passages) as well as decreased coolant pump life.


Crown Vic Body Mounts

Some 2010-2011 Ford Crown Victoria vehicles may exhibit a clunk or grind noise from the right front floor pan area during heavy braking or when driving on rough roads. The concern may be due to the vehicle body contacting the frame.


Another Ford Flash

Some 2011 -2012 Ford Escape vehicles may exhibit the Service Engine Soon lamp illuminated and DTC P0016 (crankshaft/camshaft position correlation).


Stubborn Climate Control

Some 2011 Ford Edge vehicles equipped with the front control interface module (FCIM) 4.2 inch display screen may exhibit the climate control system coming on at engine startup, even though the owner shut the system off prior to turning off the ignition.


Ford Adds Coverage for Motorcraft Brake Pads, Coated Rotors and Drums

Ford Motor Co. has added 36 brake pads and 20 coated brake rotors and drums to its Motorcraft product line.


Hocus Pocus Focus

Some 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST vehicles may exhibit a difficult-to-start, rough running, crank-no-start, lack of power, loss of idle rpm or hesitation concerns, along with DTC P0106 and/or P0236. These conditions may be caused by a wiring concern in signal return splices.


Explorer Woes

Some 2013 Fords Explorer vehicles including Police Interceptors equipped with a 3.5L GTDI engine may exhibit long crank-to-start times and delayed/harsh downshifts when commanded in the middle of a 4-5 or 3-5 upshift and delayed upshifts from 3rd, 4th or 5th gear when transmission fluid temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Finicky Ford Fuel Fix

Some 2012 Ford Edge vehicles built on or before 11/23/2011 and equipped with a 2.0L engine may exhibit a MIL on with DTC P00C6. In addition, some vehicles may also exhibit a long crank time condition.

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