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Honda: Two Pedals at Once a Bad Idea

This bulletin applies to 2011 Honda Fit vehicles. If the customer complains about a loss of power, but the vehicle checks out OK and has no set DTCs, the issue might be the normal workings of the brake override system.


Replacing Honda Block?

If you plan to replace the engine block on a 2003-2007 Honda Element, or Accord, 2006-2007 Civic or 2007 CR-V, make sure you also replace the coolant separator/diverter.


Honda Steering Shaft Phase

This bulletin applies to all Honda models equipped with telescoping steering columns.  If the steering feels notchy (alternating from smooth to notchy and hard and smooth again when the steering wheel is turned), the steering column U-joints could be out of phase.


Can’t Open This

This bulletin applies to 2005-2012 Honda Odyssey models. Have a power sliding door that won’t work while the VSA indicator is on? Before troubleshooting that sliding door, you must first troubleshoot to fix the VSA problem. The door might not be the culprit.


SRS Light Stays On

This bulletin applies to 2011 Honda Insight vehicles. If you find an SRS indicator light on and the HDS isn’t talking with the SRS, check for DTCs in the gauge control module.


Problematic Power Mode

This bulletin applies to all Honda models equipped with one-push start. When you shift into Park and shut off the engine, does the power mode stay in ON or ACCESSORY? The culprit could be a misadjusted shift cable.


Honda Needs Schooling

If, after cleaning or replacing the throttle body on a 2013 Honda Odyssey, you now have a fluctuating idle, MIL on with DTC P2279 (intake air system leak) or MIL on with P0507 (idle control system rpm higher than expected), the condition is likely caused by the throttle plate being in a different position from the position that the ECM/PCM had previously learned.


Mystery Blackout

This bulletin from Honda applies to 2006 and later Pilot vehicles, where the dashboard lights, interior or tail light are out and a blown fuse is found.


Size Does Matter

According to Honda, mismatched tire sizes will intermittently set VSA DTC 84-12 -- steering angle sensor (SAS) neutral position memorization incomplete.


Interference Fit

This bulletin applies to Honda Fit as well as other models. The OPDS sensors in the front passenger seat-back pad are very sensitive and can set SRS DTC 15-3 (faulty OPDS sensor) or 86-11 (faulty OPDS seat-back sensor) if they are exposed to even small amounts of electronic interference.

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