TOPIC : Midtronics Inc.


Midtronics Promotes Will Sampson to President

Midtronics Inc. CEO Steve McShane reports Will Sampson has been promoted to company president. The new role gives Sampson full responsibility for the company’s strategic direction, global growth and profitability going forward. McShane will continue in his role as CEO of the company, which he founded in 1984. 


Midtronics Has a New Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

The new CPX-900 Battery & Electrical Analyzer from Midtronics Inc. is the company’s first handheld one-piece diagnostic tool featuring proprietary Conductance Profiling technology.


Midtronics Promotes Sampson in Transportation Division

Will Sampson has been promoted to executive vice president and general manager of the Transportation Division for Midtronics Inc., reports President and CEO Steve McShane. The new role adds Transportation Division sales and engineering organizations to the marketing and product development functions previously under Sampson’s management.


New Midtronics Battery Charger Has 3 Selectable Voltages

The new MSP Power Supply Charger from Midtronics Inc. offers three selectable voltages of 13, 13.7, and 14.2 VDC and support for standard lead-acid, absorbent glass mat (AGM) and enhanced flooded batteries (EFB).

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